April 20, 2009

Banana CC & Choc CC Muffins


Tq, Tq Ani & family...dah jadik loyal customer Cik Ani nii....

Teeha & Hasanah, enjoy..Deeja, get well soon, k...

Cupcakes for Rena & Fren


Thks Rena & her fren for the orders..Enjoy & feel free to order again.. Hv a nice day..

Design theme: Names & Car for Rena.
Choc & BC

Design Theme: Flowerish for Rena's Fren. Choc / BC & Carrot Walnut / Cheesy Cream Frosting

Set (1)

Set (2)

Happy Birthday 2 Liverpool's Fan


Thks Sharifah for ur order..Hope u & ur fren are satisfied & like the cc..
Happy b'day 2 ur fren...

Choc & raisin / Butter Cream.

April 17, 2009

Sorry Liza...


Not a good day for me..2.30pm, my cake for Liza fell flat on d floor...ahhh, promised her to deliver at 4pm... :(

So, rushed to bake another cake for her at 3pm...finally, managed to deliver around 6pm...

Sorry once again Liza for late delivery..Hope u'r satisfied & feel free to order again..Jgn serik..

Choc Cake & Muffins (Choc Banana & Choc Choc Chip)

Muffin to MS Beriyani


Muffins for MS Beriyani..
Choc Choc Chip & Mini Choc Cake..

Happy Birthday Rena


Happy Birthday to Rena & thks for you order. May all ur wishes come true..

Choc Moist / BC & Vanilla Choc Chip / Choc BC.

Muffin oh muffin


Thks Ani, Linda & Melly..

Choc Banana

April 14, 2009

Choc Chip Muffin


My version of Chocolate Choc Chip Muffin..

April 12, 2009

Banana Choc Chip Muffin & Roti Naik


Thks Ani...everything less sugar... Feel free to order again & again...

April 09, 2009

My Muffin at Pondok MS Beriyani


All Muffin Lovers out there...

now u can enjoy my muffins at Pondok MS Beriyani, Bandar Baru Uda everyday, xcept for Friday, restaurant closed...

Individual pack..
today's flavour - Banana Choc chip..

Muffin, muffin & muffin lagi...


Ordered by Janice - Chocolate banana..Thks Janice, feel free to order, anytime...

April 07, 2009

Roti Naik...


Ordered by my neighbour yesterday for minum ptg today...
Thks, Ani...enjoy..


April 06, 2009

Bread - Roti Naik


Hari ni, blajar buat roti naik ngan my mum...dah dpt order pun from neighbor next door...ok, roti naik 1 esok ptg...

Raisin & sugar...

Yg ni, trlupa amik gambar full, dah bagi jiran, baru ingat amik gambar...

Choc Rice...

April 04, 2009

Muffin's Day


Muffin's Day today..Mrs. Chin ordered 2 types of muffins to try out...since my parents are here, trus buat lebih utk makan2...

Banana Choc Chip & Choco Choc Chip