March 30, 2011

Cuppies with Gadgets & Music Notes


Noraini ordered cuppies for her beloved doter & son.

Saja nak makan2 katanya.

Theme: music notes for her doter & gadgets for her son.

Happy munching.

Thks Noraini for the repeat order :)

Happy 26th Hubby


Pyja ordered cuppies with ganache & fondant deco for her beloved hubby.

Theme: red, white & black plus gadgets etc.

Happy 26th birthday ya dik. Semoga ceria2 selalu.

Thks Pyja & Syaraeen / Yna for the rec.

March 29, 2011

Smash Cake- Cupcake


Anne ordered smash cake for her beloved doter.

Theme: pink / turqoise.

Happy Birthday, semoga menjadi anak yg solehah.

Thks dik & Ad for the rec.

Congrats Adeq


Yna ordered cuppies with fondant deco for her adeq.

Congrats deq, 4 A's in ur hand.

Thks Dik for the repeat order.

Happy Birthday


Durrani ordered 2 sets of cuppies. 1 set for her beloved Mama & another for her sister.

Happy Birthday to both of you. Semoga ceria2 selalu.

Thks Dik for the repeat order.

March 26, 2011

Congrats on ur New Home


Fitri's Boss (Miss Nisha) ordered choc cake with ganache & fondant deco.

Theme: as requested. Congrats ya.

Thks Boss & Fitri for the rec.

March 24, 2011

Happy 32nd Birthday Sayang


Fitri ordered cake with ganache & edible for her hubby's birthday.

Theme: Arsenal.

Happy Birthday. Semoga happy2 selalu.

Thks dik for the repeat order.

March 23, 2011

Cuppies with Music's notes


Puan Syakirah ordered 55 cuppies with ganache for her doter's birthday.

Theme: music's notes.

Happy Birthday ya, semoga happy2 selalu.

Thks Puan for the repeat order :)

March 22, 2011

Birthday Cuppies


Noraini Impian Emas ordered 2 sets of 16pcs cuppies.

1 set nak bwak ke skolah, her beloved doter's bday.

1 set tuk makan2.
Theme: as requested - elmo/ cookie monster for her doter, m&m tuk makan2.

Happy birthday ya, semoga ceria2 selalu.

Thks Noraini & kak Faridah for the rec.

March 12, 2011

Happy 16th Anniversary


Kak Faridah (x mcm kakak pun) ordered 100 cuppies tuk her lovely hubby plus staf mkn2 & majlis on sat.

16 pcs - turqoise/cream for her lovely hubby
(tumpang lalu ya, Faridah requested design dr Batrisyia Delight).

34 pcs - cream / pink for her staff.

50 pcs - pink, cream & green tuk majlis today.

Happy 16th anniversary. Semoga kekal bahagia ke anak cucu :)

Happy munching too.

Thks Faridah for the order & free rec to ur frens ;)


WS Bakery tidak mengambil order sepanjang cuti sekolah ni utk menumpukan perhatian kpd anak2 & hubby terchenta.

Kepada yg order tp ditolak, harap maaf ya..Insya-Allah next time.

WS Bakery akan kembali bersiaran after cuti sekolah :)

Thks & happy hols ;)

Cuppies for Makan2


Azian HSBC ordered 25 cuppies with ganache utk makan2 kat office.

Happy munching :)

Thks Azian for the repeat order.

Happy Birthday Ms Pow Lilian


Cuppies with fondant deco for Ms Lilian from ZICO management.

Happy Birthday Ms Lilian, may all ur wishes come true.

Thks ZICO.

March 11, 2011

Birthday Cuppies


Aida Maybank ordered 30 cuppies with individual packaging tuk her doter's birthday.

Cuppies nak dibawa ke sekolah dgn other food.

Theme: pink based & black scroll.

Happy birthday dik. Semoga berjaya dlm SPM tis year.

Thks Aida.

Didib 4 years


Rudi ordered 1 kg choc cke wit ganache on behalf of his fren.

Happy Birthday Didib. Semoga ceria2 selalu.

Thks Rudi jd org tgh again :)

March 09, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Muhd Nurnazmi


Wati Uda ordered 2 kg cake wit ganache & Thomas edible.

Cake nak dibawa ke tadika di Stulang.

Happy Birthday Nurnazmi, semoga menjadi anak yg soleh.

Thks Wati.

Btw, Kak Er ordered 1 dozs banana choc chip muffin for her mum.

Thks Kak Er for the repeat order & happy munching.

March 08, 2011

Didie is 5


Yna ordered cake with fondant deco for her cousin's bday. Plus 2 cuppies wit Ben 10 deco.

Theme: garden & playground.

Happy 5th birtday Didie. Semoga menjadi anak yg solehah.

Thks Yna for ordering & Syaraeen for the rec :)

March 07, 2011

Selamat Pengantin Baru Fateha & Shukri


Nani ordered fondant cake on behalf of her fren tuk buat hantaran kahwin.

Theme: white, pink & red.

Tahniah dik & semoga kekal bahagia ke anak cucu..

Thks Nani jd org tgh & repeat order.

Happy 8th Birthday Shasha


Kak Erni ordered carrot walnut cuppies with cheesy frosting & fondant deco for her beloved doter, Shasha.

Theme: colourful.

Happy Birthday Shasha. Semoga menjadi anak yg solehah.

Thks Kak Er for the repeat order.



Mastura ordered 2 kg choc cake with ganache tuk gathering kat restoren baru her fren, Rest. Seri Bayu kat Setia Tropika.

Congrats ya..semoga bisnes bertambah maju :)

Thks Mastura & Hazlin (Infinity) for the rec.

Red Velvet


Red Velvet tuk dibawa ke hubby's office..saja lebih bagi officemate mkn hari sabtu ni...

Happy munching & keja rajin2 ok :)

March 06, 2011



Ima ordered cuppies for her fren kat S'pore & makan2.

Theme: pink, purple & white.

Congrats on your recent engagement..smoga cepat2 makan nasik minyak.

Thks dik & happy munching.

**Thks Syaraeen, jd org tgh :)

March 05, 2011

With Lots of Hugs & Kisses


Abby ordered 1 kg prune cake with cheesy frosting for her mama's bday.

Happy Birthday Mama. Semoga dimurahkan rezki & happy2 selalu.

Thks Abby for the repeat order.

Happy Birthday Mak


Kak Siti Maybank ordered red velvet cuppies wit cheesy frosting for her beloved mak.

Happy Birthday Aunty. Semoga sihat selalu & ceria2 selalu.

Thks Kak Siti.

I Luv U


Linda Venture ordered cuppies wit ganache & fondant deco for her special someone.

Thks dik, semoga kekal bahagia ya..

New Products


Greetings all..
Check out new products available at Wan Su's Bakery:-

1) Black Forest Cake / Fresh Cream Frosting

2) Banana Choc Cake / Fresh Cream & Ganache Frosting

3) Blueberry Cake / Fresh Cream Frosting

4) Fruit Flan Cake / Fresh Cream Frosting

5) Red Velvet / Cheesy Frosting

6) Fancy Cookies

Feel free to order..Have a nice day.

Happy Birthday Girls


Bibi Venture ordered cuppies and fancy cookies for quarterly birthday celebration kat opis.

25 Choc / ganache & carrot walnut / cream cheese cuppies

Plus 25 fancy cookieswit stick (bunga & butterfly) with names.

Happy birthday all, semoga ceria2 selalu.

Thks Bibi, nice dealing with u.

Btw, Ani sebelah ordered 20 pcs choc chip muffin on behalf of her fren. Thks 4 ur cont support :)

Cuppies makan2


Yanti ordered cuppies for makan2.

Theme: as per previous entry.

Thks dik for the repeat order & happy munching.