December 30, 2009

More Cuppies & Banana Choc Chip Muffin


Aishah ordered 3 more sets of vanilla choc chip cuppies today.

1 set with 'branded' logos, 1 set 'anything simple' & 1 set 'kosong' (no topping) for her uncle.

Thks yea, Aishah. Feel free to order again..

This morning, Ani (my neighbour) ordered 30 pcs banana choc chip muffin as 'buah tangan' for her relative to bawak balik ke melaka..

kelam kabut, x sempat snap gambar, yg ada gambar balance 3 pcs..

Apa2 pun, thx Ani..


INFINITY Cupcakes said...

Cantik...I like the one with the LV & Aigner logos heheh :-)