August 17, 2010

3 Years & Happy Bufday Tango


Faseha ordered vanilla cc cuppies with ganache & carrot walnut with cheesy frosting
for 2 events, 3rd anniversary with 'Ba' & her fren's bday.

Happy 3rd anniversary dik. Ceria2 selalu :)

To Tango, happy birthday. May all ur wishes come true.

Theme: 3d figurines (my 1st time :)) of Sizuka & Nobita & girlish things for Tango.

Thks dik for the order.

** Thks Hazlin for the ref.


INFINITY Cupcakes said...

Cantik :-) I Like :-)
No problem..kalau ada order yang I x dapat fulfil I pass to you ya dear fren :-)